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Mission Statement

No society is perfect; the United States is no exception. However, there is no question that the United States best represents modern society in its persistent efforts to advance human civilization, equality and the rule of Law. Law is the foundation of this great nation. Ruled by the supreme Law, citizens in this country enjoy equality and ever increasing opportunities that better their lives. Generations of immigrants have helped to perfect the Laws of the land, as well as further the development of this great country and ensure equality for all.

We Asian Americans are an integral part of American society. We are not bystanders, nor are we simply travelers passing through. We have a duty to further the development of the country. The Law of the Untied States is the Law of everyone living in this land. We have the right to lead a good life; and we have the obligation to work to improve the Law for the benefit of all.

The American Asian Affairs Association (4A) is willing and able to help you to use the Law to ensure the appropriate and legal protection of your interests.

  • 4A will serve the 14.4 million Asian Americans around our nation across the various languages and diverse cultures.
  • 4A will supply legal services for Asian immigrants to ensure their civil rights in the workplace, schools and all other social environments.
  • 4A will help and aid Asian immigrants to understand and ensure their legal means for protection.
  • 4A will contribute to Asian Americans regarding issues in communication, education, scientific and cultural exchanges.
  • 4A will help to enforce American principles of equal justice to all under the law.
  • 4A will help to bridge all gaps and answer all important questions between employers and employees, clients and lawyers, between East and West.
  • 4A will help to break down barriers, bias and ignorance about Asian people and cultures.
  • 4A will advocate for fair relationships among stakeholders in all lawful business.

Notice: The information presented on this Web site is neither formal legal advice nor the formation of an attorney-client relationship.
You should consult with an attorney for advice regarding individual legal issues. Contact us for individual legal issues.